Mi Gente: The Quinlans

mi gente

This is the first of a new series in my Deep Thoughts that will be dedicated to some of my favorite humans in the world, my clients.... Mi Gente: My People.

In the hopes of helping everyone learn a lil more about the process of this new experience called DNP. I wanted to give you the inside view of what its like to work with my clients, how it starts as a creative idea from my heart and brain, then put in from of my clients, and they execute in their own special way. Everyone wins!



Chelsea  & Lee Quinlan are a very special couple from Richmond, VA and like the millions of Americans who visit this huge city every year the Quinlans wanted a very special night out, but something different than what a guide book or magazine could suggest but something they shouldn't skip. As Chelsea Quinlan is a good friend I suggested she block out a night while visiting the city that I would take the planning reigns, she was instantly excited!

I know as an avid traveler myself there is nothing more exciting than having someone you know, love and trust to be in charge of the planning. Someone who wouldn't force you too far out of your comfort zone but still keep you on your toes. New York City is full of tourist traps, horrible restaurants, lines and overall money-sucking attractions that any tourist could get sucked in to. My job was to give Chelsea & Lee one night they would always remember. I know  did my job right the next time i saw lee he ran across the room and threw his arms around me "it was perfect! I felt so special!!!" Now that's what im here for! 

Here is what she had to say:

“I can’t even describe how amazing our night was. Jema thought of every detail, and I mean every little thing. From the window seat at the restaurant looking directly at the Rockefeller Center tree, to the surprise champagne toast, to the idea of going to Top of the Rock knowing how much we love the city! She thought of everything. We don’t live in NYC but try to visit as often as we can. We also try to see and do as much as we can but there are still things we just don’t think of or don’t even know about. DNP brought this all together for us on one beautiful night that we will never forget. Ever. We’ll definitely be using DateNight Planners again the next time we make our way back to New York City.”
                                                             -Chelsea Taylor Quilan


Take a look at the date sent to them the day before their big night out and I encourage you all to head over to  http://goo.gl/0QmDBS and book your own date today! 



Making them.

Living with them.


I’m currently in my home town of Santa Barbara, taking some time away from the NYC hustle we all strive to get caught up in so we find the need to escape it. Like most of you, going home can be a run around of seeing the people you miss and love most, while catching your breath and slowing down the heart beat from the NYC bubble. I call this pseudo stress wrapped up in our first world problems….but still it’s a challenge.  Feeling the self-induced guilt to spend quality time with the people you love most is sometimes heavier than the yearning to listen to your inner voice telling you to SLOW DOWN, but we all know it all comes down to priorities.

The word “priorities” has such a negative tone to it, maybe because it sounds rude to have to make those hard decisions as to who is first on the list by sharing your time between your own self care needs and people most important in your life. Sharing time, sharing energy and sharing yourself is what relationships and friendships are based on…. connecting. As each relationship or friendships is unique, the push and pull of taking and giving is dynamic, and maneuvering the dynamics with your own priorities is the real name of the game. There must be a balance between your own self-care and diving into making others your priority. It doesn't have to be all or nothing; it can be a simple readjusting of time and communication with all parties involved. I don’t think anyone would want their mate at half mast, not fully present in the moments of reconnecting.  So maybe communicate your needs, your priorities and why they are necessary, AND then make plans with the people you love most. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, a goal to the resting and self-care but also tells your mate or friend  that “you are on my list of priorities, I’m not forgetting or ignoring you” and I want to help you understand ME as I want to spend time with you to understand YOU. We all know reconnecting to people is just as important to the growth of you as reconnecting with yourself, so make them a priority too! 

Take the time you need to get your head and heart straight FIRST.

Living fully with your decisions, move forward and be the better YOU so you can be a better US.