It's all about LOVE.

Last week I sent out an email blast to all my nearest and dearest, expressing my sheer excitement for the awesome changes in the evolution of DateNight planners, I was feeling liked Diana Ross singing I’m Coming Out. As a “Coming Out” promo I’m offering everyone the opportunity to experience the magic of DateNight Planners at a 50% discounted rate if you book by 9/15 or by referring a friend through this link and then everyone has a good time!!!

I know I have been talking about DNP for a couple of years now, but talking about it and DOING IT not only are two different things but they FEEL very different. Being surrounded by some pretty business savvy folks and unrolling this beautiful DNP baby is already showing some signs of growth, like when you get an email from an associate editor at Working Mother(my target audience YES!!!!!!)... yes they found me!!!! It was a shake your head moment as I was sitting in an amazingly valuable FOBIA Sales workshop, learning some forward thinking concepts to reach and keep my clients, and BOOM a completed DNP survey pops up saying "I don't need a date but I would love to have you contribute to a piece I'm writing, I found you through google." WHOAH.... Really? ME?? You want me? OH wait hold on, I just sang Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of my lungs to a room full of strangers....yeah ok, yeahhhhhh you want ME! 

 So here I am moving forward, focusing on the tasks at hand, like learning the ins and outs of mailchimp or checking in on a client that took his wife out on a simple but simply perfect kinda date, and I get an email from Marisa LaScala, Associate Editor at Working Mother telling me her article is up and running! So at this point every little small victory feels big, and every big victory feels right. Finding ways to make people LOVE, including loving more myself(saving that for another blog). 

So today I dare you to play some Diana Ross, read the article over at Working Mother Magazine(like their Facebook page while you’re at it, YAY WORKING MOTHER) and make a valiant effort to love some more today. I'll be coming at you more with some ideas on how to make LOVE a priority as it is necessary for us to keep growing and be happy. I feel a movement in the making.... a love revolution!!! Let’s change some lives, let’s have some fun, let’s get some love in the works!!! 

 How are you loving today?