Day 3: "What do YOU wanna do?"

We have all been there, "So.... what do you wanna do?"  "Ugh... I don't know... what do YOU wanna do?" and this cycle goes on a few more times till you both get bored and go to the same restaurant you always go to.... its a fine place to eat, the food it good, you like the people... but its the SAME PLACE you always go to.  WHY? I'ts simple, nobody planned the night out!

Day 3: 2/3/16

We get busy, this is the norm these day, we make priorities based on our needs and some how, some way the person you decided to share your life with slowly makes their way down the list. SO NOT COOL, but hey it happens. There are many reasons why, but most would agree it happens because a couple of reasons. Boredom, really just a lack of creativity and resources, like time, money, and information.  I think we all agree our partner deserves more than that! It's time to get creative and carve out some time for that person you love most on this earth.

Today you have 11 more days to plan this out, I have faith in you! A good place to start is thinking about something your partner loves  but hasn't done in a long time, it could be as simple as a pedicure, hockey game or their favorite museum. Another direction could be something your partner has never done, but  always wanted to try.... cocktail making class, flamenco dancing or going to the gun range. The possibilities are endless, just got to put some time and thought into it.


All else fails call on me and I can plan it all out for you, It is what I do for a living!!!