Day 6: "Do you boo. Do you."

Did you take time today to do one thing to nurture, pamper, love yourself? We all know you can’t be the best lover without fully loving yourself so how about today you do you boo. Do you.

Day 6: 2/6/16

Here are just a few ideas to DO YOU today! Go ahead and Treat Yo'Self! 

  • Grab a movie only you would enjoy
  • Get a Mani Pedi
  • Buy yourself some flowers
  • Get lost, go for a walk leave your phone at home and see what the world wants to show you
  • Go to your favorite restaurant and order your favorite meal(bonus points for doing it alone!)
  • Get to your favorite museum and lose yourself in culture
  • Write a letter to your best friend and put it in the mail today
  • Try and remember what your favorite movie was as a kid and re-watch it(bonus points if you watch it in your pajamas eating cereal)
  • Do an extra-long work out, you know you feel good after it
  • Buy an extra pricey bottle of champagne and celebrate you
  • Go to that fancy coffee shop, grab a flat white and the book you have been putting off and dive in