Day 2: "Are you hungry?"

Day 2: 2/2/16 Happy Groundhog's Day! 

My cousin Lydia let me in on some wonderful relationship advice, no matter what time... whether your partner is  angry,  sad, happy... asking "Are you hungry?" always has a reaction, especially asked from a place of love!  Let's face is, sometimes words don't do justice for what we want to express, music is a great help, but food... food has a way of speaking volumes and can settle the most feisty of monsters. It's pretty simple, when we are hungry we are not physically in the right head or heart space to show or give love, people be HANGRY! 

I have always had a love of food, even attempted culinary school, and the one thing I know for sure after all these years is I find most joy in seeing the people I love, and now clients, LOVE to eat. Good food, especially with good company, has a way of humbling our hearts and being thankful for a full belly and the ones who made it for us. Needless to say I have huge love for chefs, why? because they speak my language! The act of doing from a place of love.

Don't know what to make or how to make it? That's easy! First, when you go to that favorite restaurant and they pick the same dish over and over... THAT is the dish you should learn how to make! HOW? As my pastor says you gotta ask the big G in the sky....yes, Google! Google that dish, get a recipe and just try it! Follow step by step, and always remember the first time it will never be right....or maybe not the second or third, but even in the act of practicing, your partner will see how much you are trying for them to get this dish perfect!

Be patient with yourself and remember cooking is love made edible.