Day 4: "Talk about Patience"

When I told my mother about DateNight Planner's 14 Days of Love, she cut me off(pretty common in my family of strong women) and said "PATIENCE!... talk about Patience!" and I laughed and said "OK, no problem mom, Patience... it's on my list." 

Day 4: 2/4/16

I went back a lil later to think about the many times in my life, in my sorted relationships where I was inpatient, wanted what I wanted WHEN I wanted it. I think we all would love to live in a world that caters to our every whim and need, especially in today's world when you can have McDonalds delivered to your doorstep... its easy to make a command, put it in an app and boom... SATISFACTION. 

Life doesn't work like that, relationships definitely don't work like that, and most hearts take some time to process words and actions too. Being patient in a fight, when your waiting on your partner, when you don't think you can deal with dissatisfaction any longer can be a difficult place to sit. This is where keeping taking a beat,  holding on, letting the moment process can turn patience into an action...better yet, non-action. 

Taking a beat can change a life,  letting yourself breath through the upsets of life can really have a long term reaction, because let's face it, most of the time we don't have all the facts and if we shoot from the hip we aren't allowing information to process to our heads then our hearts. 

I challenge you in your next UGH to stop, think about the whole picture and let a beat go by and hopefully some patience will sink in. Let the patience do its action!