Day 5: "I still have that letter."

Before email, texts, skype, sexting, and phone calls…. It was all about the letter. How did we get so far away from this beautiful form of communication? 

Day 5: 2/5/16


I didn’t get to have a pager when I was in Junior or High School, all I wanted was that shiny white Motorola pager Cher had on Clueless….nope, my mother put her foot down. So there I was stuck to the house phone to talk to boys, or boys call me, and well…that was super awkward sitting in the kitchen talking about how our day was… as if it was juicy at all!  I was 17 years old when I met a great boy who lived a couple hours away, we found this special way  of communicating that allowed us to think and express how we felt, taking up hours of wasted teenage time, and started writing letters. The first letter was the first letter I ever received from anyone, let alone a boy…. I still have that letter. We wrote so many letters they started to accumulate, and we then shared a journal. I would write in it for a month and send it to him, he would do the same. This journal went on for years and it still is one of my favorite possessions I will never let go of. Today I still write letters, they aren’t as frequent as I would like… although now I think I need to write one today! 

The ability to write a letter, to express how your feeling not only takes time, intent to connect, but it also allows the writer to focus on each word, of each sentence, all the while thinking of their subject. Now that’s mad sexy romantic!

In an age where everything is so fast, I encourage you to stop today, write a letter, actually put it in the mail and send it to the one you love. Imagine them next Tuesday or Wednesday, days before Valentine’s day they go and get their mail, going through bills and junk mail and they see your letter with your handwriting and their heart sinks. They didn’t expect a thing, and there they are in near tears reading about how you feel about them, and who they are in your life and how thankful you are for them.

A simple yet beautiful letter could be their very favorite possession to keep forever.