Day 8: "Action begins somewhere."

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Chinese New Year for me was always this reminder that I was a month into this western New Year and a time to gauge how I was feeling so far... and so far, for 2016 I would say I'm sticking to my intentions! Yes, no resolutions...just intentions. 

Day 8: 2/8/14

Every Sunday night I sit down with my passion planner and map out the week ahead. The first few minutes are always the easiest,  its a lot of "copy/pasting" my intentions from the weeks before. Writing down an intention makes it real, visually something you can't ignore and now its a plan, something for you to cross off your list with a sense of accomplishment, because action begins somewhere! My copy/pasting intentions are simple things like Work out, Check in(that's a reminder to pray half way through the day, my person check in with the Lord), Blog, Read, and Sleep. Yes, Sleep.... I know I am a much better Jema when I get my sleep...and sometimes those Netflix binges take a hold of me, so seeing Sleep on my planner reminds me that I too need to put my rest and well being first.

Take the time this Chinese new year and really think about and make a list of your intentions for love this year. Look back on my previous blogs for suggestions like sending letters to the people you love, making time to love your self, saying a heart felt thank you, or cooking a meal for the one you love.  

Now here is the game changer, Now go and put that list into your schedule throughout the year put it in your google calendar as an event. As months go by see that pop up reminder saying "Tell your wife Thank you today for being awesome... and hot!"  These intentions, with actions behind them, will fuel your inner fire monkey!  More importantly, they will remind you in the chaos of life to refocus on your heart and giving MORE love with well intentions.

Now go order some soup dumplings for lunch!