Day 7: "Thank you!"

Have you ever counted how many times a day you say the two words "thank you"? Lets just assume its a lot! As it should be, your polite and you say you please and thank yous, good job! But with the many times a day we say these two words how often do you tell the people you love most Thank You for ALL they have done in your life? 

Day 7: 2/7/2016

The basic fabric of love is appreciation, acknowledgement and gratitude. Being thankful and grateful is love manifesting in your heart, transforming a need or want into a beautiful humble space where your own heart is ready to accept some more. It is all a beautiful game of give and take isn't it? 

My favorite "thank you" is the one to my Lord.  I find myself in moments I am overwhelmed with so much thankfulness I grab the closest people next to me, ask them to pray with me and we just give it up to the Lord. Today I had the best  Volunteer Crew at Renaissance Church, and every single person was just THERE to work, in this hearty service focused attitude, we had the work done faster than normal and we were all happy to be there. Right there and then I grabbed them all around and thanked the Lord for such awesome people to work with, and for giving us an opportunity to serve Him and support such an awesome Sunday Church Service that could have changed some lives today! 

Saying "thank you" is a moment to praise whoever is on the other side of the thanks, but more importantly an opportunity to be humbled and grateful for all the very big things in life all the way to the lil moments that you will always hold dear. 

I challenge you today to call the person who raised you, your best friend, or higher power, even if its just a moment alone in your own head and heart and tell them "THANK YOU".  Giving props is a beautiful opportunity to spread some love today!