Day 12: "Let's not make it a big deal this year"

I get it your broke, well like American broke…where you still got some cash to burn, the bills are paid, your sticking to your budget but now Valentine’s Day is here and your partner is expecting you to pull out the stops… ok they said “Let’s not make it a big deal this year” but you know they want a lil somethin something.


Here are a few budget friendly options that will still be special and not break your bank! Time to get creative!

·        Butterfly conservatory at the American Museum of Natural History, splurge on the $35.00 ticket and see all the exhibits, make a day of it!

·        Take the Staten Island Ferry(FREE) and walk to Enoteca Maria, Zagat rated best Italian food in Staten Island, where they change their menu daily and have great drink specials every day of the week!

·        Buy your roses from Costco, seriously 20 bucks for 2 dozens. You can’t get a better deal than that in this town! Don’t have a membership? That’s ok, scout the people walking in, find a cool chick and ask if she can help out a romantic and please purchase the roses for you and slip in an extra 20 in there for her to buy her own roses!  I promise 99& of the time anyone who has a heart and understand the love of Costco saving will do this for you!

·        Cook Dinner and write a poem. Seriously it’s THAT EASY!

·        Movies & Pizza nights rent/download your partners 2 favorite movies and make it a cozy night in under a blanket on the couch. The key here is going out of your way to find their favorite movies and pizza!