Day 14: “Where are you?”

Happy Valentine’s Day! So you made it to this sometimes over glorified Hallmark holiday, but let’s face it, you feel a lil more lovey dovey than usual right??!?! You can’t help to see the smiles around today, women walking down the street with flowers in their hands, kids holding balloons, all smiling. That’s what holidays are all about, finding the break in the monotony and appreciating what you have and sharing your love.

Day 14: 2/14/16

While the rest of the romantic lovers in the world are spewing their hearts out on cards and giving extra-long hugs I can’t help but think about the people who while with the one they love, are somewhere else, partners asking "where are you?" You know what I’m talking about, not being present in the moment, somewhere else thinking about the stresses that normally get their head stuck out there in the universe.

On this short 24 hour holiday I encourage you all to be IN IT. Be in the moment with the people that you love, if you go out tonight, turn off the phone and look a lil longer into your partners eyes, don’t let them look away just hold it and reconnect and try to remember the first time you saw those eyes and what you felt. Focus on the love you can share today, and remind yourself that this silly holiday could be a beautiful day if you decide it to be, if you want to be the person with the big heart, and give as much love as you can because we all know the love you take is the love you make! Starting today and give a lil more love to every person you see.