Day 13: “You don’t get to pick em!”

Your family is the very first opportunity you have in life to learn the ups and downs of love. Many didn't have a leave it to beaver childhood, leaving only to question “what was I supposed to get out of all this again?” Family can be confusing and challenging, but in the same breathe hilarious, comforting, constant and loyal.  Family is your heart, and like most hearts they are sometimes loving and confusing. How do you work through the confusion and stress to get to the love? Gotta get your cope on! 

Day 12: 2/12/2016

I believe therapists, spas, hotels and airlines wouldn’t be in business without families….as all of these are needed to appreciate the love a family can give.

Therapist: Let’s face it, we can’t blame our parents the rest of our lives for why we are the adults we are today. Get to therapy, unpeel the layers of why you are the way you are but more importantly walk away with a new understanding of how to process and get some coping skills on how to react,  or not to react, to family and all their FUN quirks.

Spas: After therapy do some self-soothing at the spa. If I learned one thing from my therapist is that I need to stop looking for comfort from others, comfort myself as much as possible, even if it’s just a $10 foot rub, it all helps. Healing hands make the world go away, and walking out you can feel like the world, your family, all of it is a lil more bearable.

Hotels: If you can afford it, you might want to think about staying at a hotel when you’re visiting your family OR if you live with your family maybe a night away will give you some clarity and peace. Hotels can create these healthy boundaries that are sometimes appreciated especially over the holidays

Airlines: Go home, and go home often, and if you live far away from your family collect those frequent flyer miles!

No matter what your family dynamics are, I hope you accept and love every one of them, as you don’t get to pick them, you just learn how to love them.