Day 10: "Repetition creates routine"

"He doesn’t need to be in the flesh in front of you to pray for him!"

Day 10: 2/10/16

Most mornings when I am on point I sit and I have a lil one on one with my Lord, I go through praising him, thanking him, asking for guidance, then I pray for family, friends and my husband. Yes, my husband. Now just to be upfront, I am 100% single, but I still pray for my husband…Why? Because I believe he is out there, waking up getting ready for his day too and I pray for the Lord to bring him wisdom and clarity so that he may learn to be a better man today….then one day that man will be full in the spirit and trust in the fact that he knows the Lord and know I am his wife.

My Godmother is coming into town tomorrow for my baptism this Sunday, she has always had a way of spiritually guiding me so it means the world to me she will be here for my special day! A few months back she challenged me to not just pray for my husband, but to get it down on paper in a letter to the Lord. Now looking back at Day 8 of the DateNight Planners 14 Days of Love is Intention, I truly believe this is something powerful about writing it down, seeing it on paper, letting those words sink in and then doing it. I went one step further than writing my letter to God about my husband, I wrote a letter to my husband, talking about what challenges me today as a single woman and how I could see the space in my life and heart for him. If you read back to my other blogs you will find my love of writing letters, so I haven’t stopped at just one letter, I write often to him about small things that are the big things and I visualize him one day reading these letters and amazed just how much I always cared for  him, even before we met.

So single lady or single man, trust in the fact that you are whole today or working towards a place of wholeness, and trusting in the Lord with the timing, place and future spouse.  Doing this  will take the pressure off your back and only allow you to fully love yourself better each day, getting the opportunity to grow into yourself, love yourself before sharing  it with anyone else, but more importantly giving you the time and foundation of your relationship with the Lord before anyone else.

Write your letters today, as we know repetition creates routine and before you know it you will be doing it when your spouse comes into your life and then on every opportunity you get to tell them how much they mean to you, how thankful you are and how much you love them.