Day 1: "Hey, I really appreciate you!"

Today is day one of "DateNight Planners 14 Days of Love" a lil love poke from me to you with suggestions for you to share some love with your loved ones! Remember spreading love is a joy and opportunity we get to be experience every day, not just 2/14!

So start today!

Day 1: 2/1/16

Who is one person in your life that you see more than your family or closet friends, one person who takes the time to ask how your doing every day, one person who outside of obligation still makes you smile and makes the day better? Think long and hard about the daily experiences we involve ourselves in, and now really ask yourself "Does that person even know how much I appreciate them?"

I remember when I worked in the Woolworth Building, blocks away from The World Trade Center, back in 2000/2001 I had a handful of "friends" that I gathered along the way, the friends I would see every morning at 8am as I walked in,  or 6pm as I walked out, and I knew their children's names, and I knew what holiday they were celebrating next or even what meal they were cooking. These friends, mostly created out of daily obligatory small chat, became  people I thought and cared about when I saw the towers come down that 9/11 morning, and  today I still think "I hope they are ok, that I appreciated them and I hope they know I still think of them many years later".  

Life has a way of bringing people into our lives with an opportunity to learn or teach, but until we open up those lines of communication, lines of trust and appreciation we will not see the wonderful blessing, in a friend, right in front of our eyes. 


Today, day 1 of 14 Days of Love, I gently encourage you to tell that person, hand them a small gift card, or even a small thank you note saying how awesome you think they are and how much you appreciate their friendship. I bet you will get a huge smile back and hey who knows maybe you will become better friends. Love comes in so many forms and like they say the more you give the more you get. Go give some love today!