In the last week of my day job many said "Happy Retirement!!", they couldn't understand why a young woman at this point of her life, with a job she was very good at; with a team that loved her and she loved,  would just "quit her job". I use the word JOB because what I have been doing Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm since I was 21 years old, it has just been just that, a job. I never knew my focus, couldn't figure out my career path since high school so I found jobs, pay the bills kinda jobs, and I found myself in a very special niche of family offices and start ups that I thrived in, learned the ropes and honestly loved the majority of the people I worked with, some I could have thrown off the side of a cliff, but I digress.

 In the last 2 years I finally figured it out, it was DateNight Planners what was waiting to be created, nourished, fostered into my life. As I had good months and bad months, I never wanted to give up on this idea, but I needed to figure out how this idea was going to be my career, my passion and mission. Two years later along with some coaching(www.whenigrowupcoach.com), some getting my feet wet with test clients, some real clients, and a whole lot of praying I am finally 100% up and running. Now don't get me wrong, is DNP where I want it to be? NO, but Brooklyn didn't gentrify overnight, this baby is gonna take time to grow and now I have all the time I need to do that. 

Sitting in my kitchen nook, eating brunch after sleeping an ample 10 hours... THIS IS NOT MY LIFE! I AM NOT RETIRED!!!! THIS IS BUSY TIME!!!! Now is the where the work begins, the good work! I am so crazy excited to be available to all of you who have seen the DateNight Planners posts up here and there, thought "ahhh that's Jema's cute thing she is doing". Besides it being a cute idea, its a great idea that can help any couple out. Take the stress out of dates, let me do it for you, it is much easier than you would think!  I am now 100% available to be at your beck and call for any your date planning needs!! Hit me up through the Book a Date link at www.datenightplanners.com! I'm FINALLY ready for you!